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The Scratchy Spring Sale is still in full bloom but you can also expect a shower of PC game giveaways. If you haven’t heard about the 100% FREE Indie Warp Zone Bundle, you’ve probably been doing it all wrong. Savvy PC game collectors are always in the know about stuff like this. Anyways, let’s check out the PC game giveaways you can get in on today!

PC Game Giveaways #1 – RESIDENT EVIL 7

PC Game Giveaways #1: RESIDENT EVIL 7
Savor a delicious feast of survival-horror.

Destructoid calls this one “the best Resident Evil game in ten years” and scores it 10/10. Since we’re huge Resident Evil fans ourselves, we absolutely agree. Once fans get used to the 1st-person viewpoint, they’ll enjoy a much more immersive experience. Jump-scares may have you ducking behind the couch every now and then. Our advice: just make sure you can duck really fast. As your GalaSilver advisors, we highly recommend spending some on a ticket for RESIDENT EVIL 7.

PC Game Giveaways #2 – Lords Of The Fallen

PC Game Giveaways #1: Lords Of The Fallen

Perhaps you’re hearing some mixed commentary about Lords Of The Fallen. The game does indeed try to be a spiritual successor to Dark Souls — with less difficulty. Still, as much as that’s true, Lords Of The Fallen brings its own flair to the screen. So, you should definitely toss some GalaSilver at this giveaway. Currently, the whole collection (base game and DLCs) is available on IndieGala at up to 80% off.

PC Game Giveaways #3 – Medieval II: Total War

PC Game Giveaways #1: Medieval II: Total War

What do you do if you hear there’s a giveaway for an “Overwhelmingly Positive” dose of medieval grand strategy? You participate, of course! Medieval II: Total War is almost 12 years old and yet its player base is still strong. That says more than enough already. You’ve still got 4 days to get in on this giveaway. So don’t miss it! Medieval II: Total War is also in our Spring Sale at 66% off right now.

You still know how our PC game giveaways work, right? Check this, in case you need a refresher. And don’t forget to always check for our latest giveaways.

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