Pandemic entertainment through movies

Pandemic entertainment is real for all of us now. I’m afraid, it’s become an essential form of entertainment in these troubling times, and therefore has become the key to keeping us sane. What initially started as a go-to list for a light weekend viewing, has transitioned into a must-have list for quality quarantine.

Everyone has different picks in their pandemic entertainment choices. Some of you prefer cooking, others choose to paint or even reading. Exercising is a great past time as well. My husband and I chose do indulge in movies and TV shows. A lot of them. A rather mixed form of pandemic entertainment for sure.

Pandemic Entertainment: a little background

First and foremost, let me be clear. I want to share some light on the living arrangements, and restrictions during this pandemic. To start with, I must mention that I live in Skopje. A city with a population of almost 1 million citizens. And with a big city, there are some big problems, right? You are correct. After all, it’s not that easy putting a curfew on a city of that size, but hey….they still tried.


Pandemic Entertainment’s pros and cons

Actually, there are some good things too. Yeah, the pollution is reduced, and there’s a little less traffic as well. So, it’s not all doom and gloom, here in Skopje, I must add. Besides, almost everyone in my inner circle has a job and is very much healthy. Frankly, this is awesome news to me, as you can imagine.

On the other hand, not many businesses are open here. Sure, the pharmacies and supermarkets are open on a daily basis. On top of that, they even practice different working hours, and as for the curfew… Indeed that’s different too.

Skopje in curfew

Most importantly, the curfew is not a 24 hours long here. But personally, I’m not complaining. I’ve never been the party animal per se. And frankly, I don’t miss that lifestyle. Ultimately, what I do really miss are my friends. In addition to my friends, I miss the gym terribly much. But in the end, my husband and I are trying to make this pandemic as fun as we can. Frankly, right now I don’t miss the outdoors that much. Then again, it’s only been a month, and we’ll see how i’ll feel several months from now.

Netflix and chill for pandemic entertainment

Yeah, I can watch movies on Netflix now. Thankfully I can walk my dog in peace as well. I suppose, that’s one of the advantages of being an introvert. You can easily find your new normal at home, for sure. On top of that, there’s always a new book to read. Ultimately, there’s always some new pasta recipe. It’s a different type of comfort zone for all of us, but who’s complaining?

Pandemic Entertainment

To be perfectly honest, the only thing that annoys me right now is the terrible weather. Technically, it’s supposed to be spring right now. Unfortunately it’s not even remotely spring in Skopje, and I hate it. In all honesty, I was rudely awakened by heavy snow at the very start of April, and I didn’t like it. It was a great April fool’s joke on all of us, don’t you think?

Needless to say, my husband and I watched a ton of movies in these past few weeks. To start with, there were comedies, action movies, horrors on my list. And now, there are mostly post-apocalyptic movies. So…. Please enjoy my top 3 movies that you can indulge right now. Have fun and stay safe!

Mad Max: Fury Road

Firstly, there’s Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s one of those movies that you just know that it’s going to be great. I remember having that feeling of (this is going to be epic type of feeling) even from the first trailer. And, boy I was not wrong. It’s a fantastically directed and well-acted movie. I can never get enough of it. It’s one of my go-to movies for every occasion, as well. Even for a pandemic entertainment late-night choice.

Fury Road

Children of Men

Secondly, there’s Children of Men. This was an early recommendation from my college professor. That’s right. I was just a student when it came out in the movie theaters. Additionally, my mind was blown away by that movie. And more than a decade later it’s still relevant, terrifying and brilliant. I’m a huge Alfonso Cuarón fan, and this movie just solidified my devotion to him.


Thirdly, Snowpiercer is on my list. This year’s Oscar winner Bong Joon-ho delivered a true masterpiece back in 2013, called Snowpiercer. Of course, it has an impressive cast led by Chris Evans and an impressive direction as well. In the end, Snowpiercer is a bleak version of our future, but it’s so entertaining. And for those of you who loved it just like I did, there’s some great news. Finally, the long-awaited Snowpiercer TV series is expected to premiere in May, 2020. How cool is that? Make sure not to miss it.

Your picks please

What are your pandemic entertainment choices for great pandemic entertainment? Horrors? Comedies? Thrillers? Maybe the classic zombie apocalypse from movies or games, like Resident Evil or Dying Light? How about some post-apocalyptic games like Metro, Sheltered or Wasteland? Regardless, tell me in the comments below. Bonus points if they have post-apocalyptic themes, as well.

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