Attention gamers, the new giveaways lovingly prepared by Indiegala are finally available! In case you missed last week, you might still have a chance to join some of them…if you hurry. However, giveaways have now become a tradition on our blog and as usual, I propose our selection. What games do we recommend? Well, read on and discover the most interesting opportunities (click here for fast access).


New Giveaways: Will you get lucky this time?

Of course, winning these new giveaways will not be very easy. If you’d be interested in a guaranteed way of just getting some free games right away, I propose checking the freebie section. As always, for the regular giveaways and raffles you will need to have the right dose of luck. Which games are available this week? Well, there are several masterpieces not to be missed. Here they are!

Bioshock Infinite: go beyond space and time with one of the best new giveaways

Bioshock Infinite is the first of the new giveaways I want to point out to you. I do not hide that this is one of my favorite videogames of all time and I also made a review about it.

What do you expect from Bioshock Infinite? Endless shootings, fast-paced action, and twists. Believe me, the plot of the game will blow your mind, but you’ll be thrilled. If you want some advice, try to win this game without thinking twice. Alternatively, remember that the game is available at a special offer, if you want to buy it you can take advantage of an amazing Crackerjack deal.

Kerbal Space Program: explore space in a fun way

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program may seem like a simple and innocent game. Its bizarre graphics make it extravagant and fun. Regardless, it is a complicated and also frustrating game. This pastime works with complicated mechanics and you will need to calculate everything in detail to achieve success.

Not surprisingly, I recommended it in the post about the games to try in quarantine, because it can be a great method to keep you busy in boring times. Try it and then maybe share your opinion with the Indiegala community.

Garfield Kart: crazy races with animals

Garfield Kart and new giveaways

Wait, there is a Garfield Kart game? Well, yes…and it’s fun! Seriously, this may sound weird, but this game is great if you love competitive racing. Of course, maybe it’s not original and can remind you of a kart game starring a certain plumber with a mustache.

Anyway, the game keeps you entertained. Don’t expect realism or deadly confrontations like in Wreckfest, it’s just Garfield and his friends running at high speeds. Fun for the whole family. Get on the track and earn yourself a tasty lasagna!

Euro Fishing: prove to be the best fisherman in the world

Euro Fishing: one of the new giveaways

Fishing games are underestimated, but in my opinion, they are satisfying. I included a fishing simulator in my top 5 sports games to try to keep in shape.

Euro Fishing is one of the best fishing simulators ever made. Its realism is incredible and you will be passionate about trying to catch the many species present in the game. If you want to try a relaxing video game that doesn’t make you too nervous, as others do, then this is the choice for you.

Sweet Dreams Succubus – Nightmare Edition: your fantasies come true

Do you want to try a more interesting visual novel than the usual? Well, I suggest you try to win Sweet Dream Succubus – Nightmare Edition. Among the new Giveaways of Indiegala is definitely the most “spicy“. You might as well get it yourself, since it is quite affordable at under 1 buck for the Steam key, during this ongoing sale.

Don’t be prejudiced about this type of games, I told you about it in my review of Itazura VR and try new experiences!

New Giveaways: other interesting opportunities

This was my selection of the week, the most interesting giveaways. Want more? Then visit our special section!

You can try to get videogames like Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice, Serial Cleaner, Rampage Knights, PUBG, and many more.

Lady Luck will smile upon you? Find out now!

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