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If you follow my writings here at IndieGala you’ll notice that I have a particular penchant for the Dark Souls franchise. Dark Souls III PC is next, but if you’re interested in the suffering I had to go through the first Dark Souls game, here’s a nice reminder of that. The post is about 4 months old, but it feels very raw and fresh to me.

However, if you’re looking for a proper review of the first Dark Souls game, please go to the fantastic review. Courtesy of my colleague (The Italian Guy) here at IndieGala. He did an incredible job I might add, and it’s worth revisiting it again. You’re welcome Dark Souls fans.

But first! In case you’re wondering we do have Dark Souls III PC available for purchase here at IndieGala. As are the rest of the Dark Souls games. So, if you’re a fan of the franchise, hop in. Give it a shot.

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Glutton For Punishment: And Dark Souls III PC

As I pitched this post to my editor, I mentioned that I’m a glutton for punishment. And it’s true to a certain extent. For even considering this franchise again, let alone attempting to play it. Because, I knew the stress, the anxiety and the loss of nerves that I would be anticipating. But oh, well. I thought it would make a good post at least. My suffering and aching during one of the hardest games in existence. However, let me be clear. I am still not on the level of modern-day gamers. Probably, I’ll never be, and I’m OK with that.

And make no mistakes. Although it says REVIEW in the title, this is not a review. By any means. This is just a simple, very basic opinion of a rookie gamer, that picked up gaming thanks to pandemic imposed quarantines and restrictions. But on my mission to GIT GOOD, I’m actually determined just to enjoy myself. However, I’m sad to report not yet there – to the GIT GOOD place, but I am trying my hardest. The camera control still needs work, and I am incredibly slow and cautious in my game-play. My game-play is what your grandma would look if she would be playing Dark Souls III.

But don’t judge me please. in 80% of my time, I’m bored out of my mind. For the rest of the time, I’m eager for an adventure. So if I can’t really go anywhere amid a global pandemic, damn it I will go on a gaming adventure. Even if that adventure starts in an undead asylum. I’m always eager to transfer my gaming Odyssey into words. Therefore I give it a shot. And boy oh boy. It was an ordeal all right.

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Dark Souls III PC Is Good. Really Good

Dark, merciless and unforgiving as well. I should also mention that I had the guidance of my poor and long-suffering husband thought out the game-play. Martin has played Dark Souls III before (in fact right before we met) and he would often warn me… Watch out here, kill that dude, go back, stand there, jump here… Or simply here comes a nasty boss. You know, as any good spouse would help.

Oh, I also had quite the assistance from the Reddit’s Dark Souls community for questions I had about a particular place or a particular boss. Not to forget the gaming community of YouTube, who visually got me out of a pickle on more than one occasion. I mean here’s a good example of my desperation early on in my gameplay… Hey, there’s no shame in asking for help, am I right?


But despite being a fairly good game, I noticed that it’s a tad more difficult than the previous one. There are a lot more bad guys to kill, and some of them were really tough to eliminate. Like the crystal-like scary creature the start of the game, which was both visually fascinating and hard to overcome. And he wasn’t even the boss, so you can imagine my hardship throughout.

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Visually Stunning And Impressive

I loved the bigger and intricate set pieces, and especially the architecture within the game. But the combat seemed a bit more fluid as well. Well, compared to the previous game anyway. And there are plenty of great weapons to choose from too. Again, compared to the previous game. But I loved the soundtrack of the third installment, a lot more than the one in the original game. It blended with the atmosphere of the game nicely, and it almost made me forget about the difficulty I was facing. Almost.

But aside from being visually impressive, I noticed that it’s a lot more action-oriented than the first one. The game play’s pacing is more energetic and faster. However, I have to mention that I wasted the most time at the swamp. The pacing got slower there too, and my patience was tested there the most. That’s putting it mildly. Ugh.

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The AHA! moment I was Waiting For

Do you remember how I always mention that I’m not a very good gamer? A rookie if you will? Well, it’s true, and it will be for a significant period to come I gather. But after suffering through Dark Souls III I finally understand why. I understand where my biggest weakness is. In the camera movement. Furthermore, I think that in this particular game (while I was in the 7th circle of hell) I understood why I’m having the most trouble with the camera.

Because I do not come from the world of video games. I come from the world of movies. Let me explain. Because of the fact I come from the movie world, I fail to see the game in the way they need to be seen. I see it as a movie. A product in which every scene has tight edit on the shots and nice camera work.

When we watch movies, we don’t need to move the camera as the action is unfolding. The director, the camera operators, the cinematographers and frankly the editors, did that already for your convenience. That’s not the case with games such as Dark Souls or any other similar open-world environment games. Does it make sense? I hope so. Because I’ve realized that my camera movement still sucks because of this. And truth be told, it will take me a while to even things out in my head. But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Your Opinion On Dark Souls III PC

What’s your opinion on Dark Souls III? Did you like it? What’s the biggest obstacle in the game for you? Tell us in the comment section. We’d love to know.

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