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It’s easy to talk about isolation (social or urban for that matter) when it’s government ordered. But Mosaic 1 Percent Edition deals with several types of isolation. Not pandemic induced, government-imposed type of isolation. Corporate, social, urban and even technological isolation is part of our daily lives too.

And yeah, everyone seems to be in isolation now. It’s the buzzword of 2020. But whether you like it or not, the state of isolation is here to stay for quite a while. However, in this modern-day and age, there isn’t a person who hasn’t felt like the protagonist in Mosaic. Struggling to understand modern technology. Struggling to connect to people. And even struggling to find meaning in his everyday life. He’s relatable on so many levels. But, I’m always fascinated with movies that depict these topics. And such people of course. The introverts. Me. The „cog in the machine“ as one article described the character. And of course. We indeed have Mosaic 1 Percent currently on sale at IndieGala. You should check it out.

Mosaic 1 Percent Edition and different levels of isolation

But, for the sake of clarity, I must emphasize that I will be tackling this subject on many different sub-topics. Not just an individual’s isolation in an urban setting. Or in a corporate setting. And of course in a technological setting. All of the above will be featured in this post.

I’m going to be thinking of the bigger picture. Quite frankly because there isn’t anything remotely similar to the Mosaic 1 Percent Edition video game. As one Steam user pointed out in the comment, „it is an extremely linear interactive novel with a mini-game buried inside it“.  And because of that, I can safely say that I’ve never had anything similar to write about. Yeah, I’ve written about peculiar artsy games like Bear With Me, but this is totally different. In a good way.

Mosaic 1 Percent Edition is Krillbite Studio’s attempt to bring the art-house genre into a modern albeit moody game. And it works. Mosaic 1 Percent Edition is a cerebral, intellectual and graphically impressive game. Some of the users on Steam even compared it to Inside. But, what can you expect from playing Mosaic 1 Percent Edition?

Mosaic 1 Percent Edition

Mosaic 1 Percent Edition: What’s the game all about?

Developed by Krillbite Studio, and published by, Raw Fury, Mosaic 1 Present is a narrative driven modern adventure game. Your nameless character (or you playing the game) lives a monotonous and repetitive lonely life in a cold overpopulated ever-expanding city.

The phone is too distracting with meaningless notifications. Your character moves through anonymous crowds on your way to work at a mega-corporation. Yet another long day with overtime awaits him. You have no real sense of meaning. However, one crucial day, strange things start to happen on the commute to work and everything changes. Mosaic 1 Percent is a dark surrealistic and atmospheric adventure game about urban isolation and the dread of being a piece in giant machinery you can’t understand.

So, that leaves me to ponder. Which movies to choose in order to honor the themes in this game? And frankly the game itself? Should I go to the usual route and pick Blade Runner? Taxi Driver maybe? (a classic yet disturbing movie about alienation and isolation). Or maybe go the opposite way and stick to Locke? Or perhaps In The Mood For Love? Yeah, they’re not gonna cut it I’m afraid here.

Mosaic 1 Percent Edition

Lost In Translation

In many ways, Bill Murray’s character Bob reminds me of the character in Mosaic 1 Percent. He’s alienated in a crowded metropolis. He’s socially inept with the locals, and on top of that, he’s not that tech-savvy. Bob’s also depressed, resigned to the fact that his career is drying up. Not to mention he’s also eager to connect to somebody in a foreign country that he’s visiting. But, Sofia Coppola’s masterpiece is essential viewing not just for every introvert out there, but every film buff as well. Or if you’re fans of Bill Murray/Scarlett Johansson. I won’t judge.


An equally brilliant movie, but from Sofia Copolla’s ex-husband. Spike Jonze’s masterpiece has Joaquin Phoenix in the role of Theodore Twombly. A lonely, introverted, depressed man who will eventually strike up a relationship with an AI-based virtual assistant. Or with Scarlett Johansson’s voice. I know a lot of people like Theodore. They’re brilliant but very introverted and alienated in this world that we’re living in. I adored Her and I’m still waiting for Jonze to impress me with a feature film. Not commercials, music videos, or documentaries. Come on Spike! It’s been 7 years now!

her film gifs | WiffleGif

Being John Malkovich

Another Spike Jonze movie! The surrealism, the dark tone, and the gloomy atmosphere really blend nicely to the game itself. With the exception that John Cusack’s character isn’t a corporate employee. No, far from it. He’s in fact, an unemployed puppeteer who will accidentally discover a portal to John Malkovich’s life. Yeah. It’s a bizarre movie for sure, but it also speaks volumes on the themes of rejection, social isolation and the need for acceptance.

The Apartment

Let’s finish this post on a lighter note, shall we? The Apartment is a comedy. That’s true. It’s also a 60’s black and white movie with Jack Lemmon in the lead role. But underneath the humor and Jack’s fantastic performance, there’s a deeply lonely, alienated and struggling man. Jack is C.C. “Bud” Baxter is a lonely office drudge. In order to get a promotion, and to climb the corporate ladder, he reluctantly borrows his apartment to his bosses and their mistresses. It’s a fantastic movie, and one of my all-time favorites. I watched it recently for a 168th time (give or take) and I loved it all over again.

Mosaic 1 Percent Edition: Your picks

What are some of your favorite movies that portray these topics? Was it The Apartment? Or Maybe Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Min is your jam? Tell us in the comment section. We’d love to know all about them.

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