Megaman 11

MegaMan 11 is the latest chapter of the series dedicated to the historical Capcom icon. It’s been years since the Japanese software house produced a high-level title dedicated to this little hero.

Honestly, I don’t want to hide from you that I had my doubts about MegaMan 11 since the last games of the series had not thrilled me. However, with this new chapter, it seems to be back to the golden age of the Blue Bomber.

Here are the strengths of this fabulous videogame!

MegaMan 11 mixes platforming and action extraordinarily

Megaman 11 has a mix between platform and action

Maybe you remember how Megaman’s games were like. They were very difficult, many (maybe too many!) enemies and bosses were almost invincible. I don’t want to make comparisons, but perhaps those games also surpass a colossus like Dark Souls difficulty-wise.

Well, Megaman 11 takes the strengths of his predecessors and revitalizes them with the necessary modifications. Remember, in this game, there is no real plot, but pure adrenaline and crazy gameplay.

You’ll have to go through several stages, taking out enemies that will make you suffer. In fact, in the early moments of the game, it will be difficult to understand the attacks of enemies and maybe you will die many times.

Regardless, you don’t have to worry, because the further you go the better you will learn the movements of your opponents and understand the appropriate timing to eliminate them.

Megaman 11: with power-ups everything is better

Let us not forget the different power-ups that you can conquer during your run. At some point, you can decide which upgrade to choose to overcome obstacles in the best way possible.

Moreover, power-ups will have an energy bar and you won’t be able to use them infinitely. If you want my advice, choose meticulously how to take advantage of these benefits and do it at the right time.

There are platforming areas available in the game that you will have to overcome with the right timing. These areas have been my favorite because to get over them you will have to calculate every move. For some obstacles you won’t even need power-ups, but you can rely on your gamer skills.

Ultimately, for the action and platforming, Megaman 11 does an excellent job. It’s able to bring small innovations without neglecting the nostalgia effect that will make lovers of the Blue Bomber fall in love…again!

Don’t mess with the bosses, blue boy

The bosses were one of the strongest points of the Megaman games. Some of them entered the history of videogames. What about Megaman 11 from that point of view?

Well, the game brings 8 bosses to the table, just as the tradition of the saga. Each boss has a basic element that characterizes it and makes it strong.

Besides, each boss will have to be defeated uniquely and you will have to find his weakness to be able to beat him. If that’s not enough, remember that at some point these special enemies will unleash extra powers that will really make you suffer.

Among the bosses who have amused me the most, there are Block Man, which in the final stage fills up occupying your game screen or Tundra Man, who will be hard to predict, since his moves are very fast.

Ultimately, if you love challenges you will love Megaman 11. Alternatively, if you want simpler and more relaxing games, you have to look elsewhere.

Renewed and graceful graphics

Wonderful graphics from Megaman 11

One of the biggest innovations of Megaman 11 is the 3D graphics. This element is taken care of in every detail. The different areas are rich in bright colors and shades.

To tell you the truth, even some animations blew my mind. We are talking about a game that gives the impression of being completely two-dimensional and from this point of view it’s a masterpiece! Capcom has done his job very well, giving dignity to the Blue Bomber and his enemies.

Regardless, if I have to find a flaw, I can tell you that the soundtrack of the game did not excite me. I expected much more from a title like that, especially in terms of nostalgia. The final result did not satisfy my ears.

Return to play the role of the little blue hero in Megaman 11

If you want a difficult and challenging game then Megaman 11 is for you. The 2D graphics will conquer you immediately. If you have already tried the title then, let me know your opinion with a comment.

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Watch out robots, Megaman is back!

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