Lords of the Fallen Goty

Lords of the Fallen GOTY is one of the classic games you tend to underestimate. Maybe you’ve seen this game hundreds of times but you’ve never dwelt on it. Believe me, I understand you perfectly. I never found anything that would make me try the game. Then, I convinced myself to try Lords of The Fallen, it was unfair not to give it a chance.

Well, and what was the result? Find out by reading my review!

Lords of The Fallen Goty: a very “souls” gameplay

Lords of The Fallen Goty gameplay

The first thing you’ll think about playing Lords of the Fallen GOTY is, “Am I playing a Dark Souls spin-off?” In some regards, this videogame is identical to the saga created by From Software. Lords of The Fallen is not like Code Vein, a soulslike but original game. Some features such as the combat system, stamina, energy, mana and damage are nearly a copy of those present in Dark Souls, some could say.

In particular, even some movesets seem to have taken a big cue from those present in the work of From Software. However, personally, I did not mind, since I appreciate every variation on the theme. Moreover, the fights are really well managed and apart from some problems with the camera, you will have fun destroying enemies.

Bosses and Enemies

What about the difficulty of the game? Well, from that point of view, I was slightly disappointed. The games of the Souls series are known for their high degree of difficulty and they are capable of driving the gamers mad.

However, Lords of the Fallen GOTY never gives the impression of putting you under pressure. Of course, the game over is assured, especially in the early stages of the game, but the difficulty is not high. If you are familiar with the genre, you will quite easily overcome common enemies and different bosses.

What I appreciate about the gameplay is exploration. To get rare and powerful items you will have to roam the different game areas. This increases the longevity of the Action RPG and allows you to appreciate the game design.

A little advice if you want to be able to not lose any objects. Pay attention to the environment around you and don’t underestimate what looks like dead ends. Your curiosity can be your best weapon to improve your build and become invincible.

The pros and cons of the narrative

Lords of the Fallen lore

I don’t want to make a constant comparison with Dark Souls, but here you have to do it. Especially in the first chapter of Souls, you had to pay attention to descriptions, objects, and details to discover the true lore. This made your journey magical and made you reflect on some important philosophical themes.

In Lords of The Fallen GOTY, this aspect is half-present. On one hand, there are many objects with various and well-groomed descriptions that can give you clues about lore. On the other hand, there are cinematics and dialogues that explain the bulk of the story.

I’m sure some will appreciate this aspect that simplifies the plot. However, in my opinion, this takes the “magic” away from the lore of the game that could have been better structured. I don’t want to tell you much about the story, just know that the Lords of The Fallen of the title, well, they won’t be your friends.

Overall, Lords of The Fallen GOTY has no trivial or uninteresting story, on the contrary, it is compelling. My critique only addresses the narrative, the way it was told. Of course, that remains my opinion, and I’d be curious to hear what you think about it.

The graphics and the construction of the character

Graphics of the game

One of the real strengths of Lords of The Fallen is its graphics. Believe me, if you have the right PC you will really appreciate the graphical details of the game.

The developers of the software house CI Games have paid great attention to this aspect. You will appreciate the setting of the game. It will take your breath away. Personally, I enjoyed the area of the Abandoned Temple, with its exceptionally beautiful landscapes.

Lords of The Fallen Goty: you have to build a character

The wonderful graphics of the game also affects the construction of the main character. In Lords of The Fallen, you can customize your protagonist. Every detail of armor and weapons will be clear to you and you can match your equipment with a certain style.

Of course, I always advise you to carefully assess the characteristics of your character and base your equipment on those. But hey, if you want to be a fashion designer in the dark world of Lords of the Fallen, who am I to judge you?

Lords of the Fallen Goty: Ready to take up arms?

Ultimately, Lords of The Fallen is a game you can definitely try. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the several hours of gameplay.

If you want to enjoy a complete experience, get the Game of The Year Edition of the videogame, available at a special price in our store. Alternatively, you can also find the Digital Deluxe Edition at a very low price.

It’s time to kill some immortal Lords, warrior!

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