Borderlands 2

Lately, I’ve been thinking about Borderlands 2. I think this game is still very underrated today. There are FPS that have a great story like Bioshock Infinite or games with a very varied Open World like Far Cry 5.

And then there’s Borderlands 2. Crazy, chaotic, hectic, ADORABLE Borderlands 2. Maybe you’ve never tried this game published by 2K, but that’s why I want to convince you in this review. Well, read on, you won’t regret it!

Excuse me, do you want a frenzy in your game?

Borderlands 2 gameplay

I usually like to tell the plot of the games I review. This time I’ll make an exception. I want you to try this game without knowing much about the plot. This way, you can enjoy the gaming experience to the fullest. I just want to remind you of a name: Handsome Jack. Don’t forget, I think he’s one of the coolest characters ever created in the videogames world.

After that, let me tell you something about the gameplay. I can define Borderlands 2 with one word: Chaos! The game transports you to a crazy world that will rarely give you a moment to breathe. Mad enemies will try to kill you, but thanks to your various weapons and your skills you can defend your life. There are several classes you can choose from, each with a different playing style.

Shootings in game

However, the real strength of the game is the Shoot & Loot system. The gameplay is based on this: shoot the enemies, get the best loots, advance and clean the areas trying to survive. In a way, to enjoy Borderlands 2 you have to be stingy and never settle for it.

Don’t worry, the game will never get repetitive. Its level of challenge is very high and varied, rarely you will face several times an identical situation. Plus, enemy AI has been developed to perfection. If you choose a high level of difficulty, well, be prepared to suffer!

Borderlands 2: not only shootings

Borderlands 2 dialogues
NPCs are very friendly, aren’t they?

In addition to excellent gameplay, Borderlands 2 manages to impress even for its biting dialogues. Some jokes between the different characters will be memorable and will make you laugh. Moreover, these conversations blend perfectly with the over-the-top atmosphere surrounding the game.

I also enjoyed the graphics of the game. Its style is unique, stylized and fascinating. I can say that the design of characters and places will remain etched in your mind, a factor that few videogames can convey.

What do you think now?

In my opinion, Borderlands 2 remains the best Looter-Shooter of recent years. Of course, the third chapter of the franchise is fun and implements some new features, but it remains qualitatively inferior in my opinion. What do you think? Borderlands 2 is a game worth trying out? Let me know your thoughts! You can also check out the trailer here:

Finally, remember that if you want to buy the game, you can find it discounted in our store! Don’t miss out, get Borderlands 2, and enjoy a fantastic game.

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