Fallout 4

“War,” intones your character solemnly. “War never changes.” Indeed Fallout 4 begins with this all too familiar line. But there’s so much truth behind it.

What’s Fallout 4 All About?

And even 10 years after the events of Fallout 3 I might add, you’re still on a mission. But this time you’re the Sole Survivor and your mission is to find your son. After years and years spent in stasis while in Vault 111, an underground nuclear fallout shelter.

You will discover new features, if you will, which make Fallout 4, a truly immersive experience. And some of those features include the ability to develop and manage settlements. Furthermore, there’s an extensive crafting system. And last but certainly not least, this is the first game of the series to feature full voice acting for the protagonist.

Action And More Action

However, Fallout 4 is also the first game in the series in which the action is on the same level and quality as the remaining shooter games. Admittedly, the RPG elements suffer because of that, but the action is top-notch. It’s a great game, but with several hick-ups. If Bethesda somehow managed to keep the dialogue from New Vegas and blend it with the action from Fallout 4, it would be the perfect Fallout game.

But at the same time the combat is good, and vastly improved. And the open-world is incredibly well done. Indeed, the world is much denser, and scarier. But it’s also a world in which you can see yourself get lost and get exploring for days and days on end. And when I mean days, I mean days. Or maybe weeks. Perhaps even months. Fallout 4 is a long, extremely long game, but it’s worth it. It’s amusing, with a great score and a well-written story. But yeah. Don’t expect to end it in 20-30 hours. This will take some of your time. But if you’re after a game who’s world tells a great story, (sometimes more than the actual story), then Fallout 4 is for you.

Fallout 4

And yes, you can purchase Fallout 4 at IndieGala. You know what to do. But fore you do that, how about reading the review our colleagues did a while back? It’s awesome and you’re so welcome.

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