God of War Easter Eggs and secrets: there are so many of them! The latest chapter of the Kratos saga, published by Playstation PC, is a masterpiece in every way. Not surprisingly, it has become the most popular game on Steam

What are the most interesting easter eggs and secrets of the game? Let’s discover them together.

Warning! This article contains spoilers or content that can ruin the gaming experience of those who still have to finish the title. So, if you haven’t finished God of War, don’t do the reading. Trust me, it’s for your safety.

Dark Souls and demo Troll

The first God of War secret can be found in the Mountains. The latter is an area of the early game, so this easter egg can be found by anyone. Here there is a “loot lizard“, an elusive salamander. If you can eliminate the lizard, it can donate resources to empower Kratos or Atreus.

It is a reference to the Crystal Lizard of Dark Souls. It is a tribute that the developers wanted to donate to From Software games. The combat system of God of War resembles that of the best soulslike games, although there are some notable differences. 

There is an Easter Egg that refers to the first demo gameplay. In the God of War demo presented at E3 2016, Kratos and Atreus crossed a bridge and were thrown down by a troll. At that point, the first boss fight of the game began.

However, in the final version, there’s no boss fight. Anyway, when you cross the bridge Atreus will say “Oh, I half expected to be a troll under that bridge”. Sneaky and effective.

God of War Easter Eggs: a little bit of sci-fi action

The voice actor of Kratos in this game is different from the other chapters of the series. Christopher Judge was considered the ideal actor to voice an elderly and tired Kratos. Judge is famous for playing the character Teal’c in the Sci-Fi series Stargate SG-1. His character’s catchphrase is “indeed” a recurring statement in almost every episode. Guess what Kratos says to Atreus when they arrive at the base of the Mountain? Indeed. 

Revenge against the Avengers

Spoiler alert!

In the film Avengers, the milestone of the MCU, there is a clash between the Hulk and Loki. After Hulk smashed Loki, he said “Puny God”.

Later in the game, there is a battle with a very weak troll. At the end of the battle, Atreus says “Puny Troll“. That’s because, well, he’s Loki.

Foreshadowing Atreus true nature 

When Kratos reveals his true nature to Atreus, the child’s first question is “Can I turn into an animal?“. In Norse mythology, Loki has the power to be a shape-shifter and several times turns into male or female animals. 

God of war secrets and easter eggs

Fans of Norse mythology will have surely caught this quote and maybe they guessed in advance who is Atreus!

God of war Easter eggs from the original games 

Throughout the game, there are several references to the original saga

For example, on Kratos’ torso, there is a badass scar. The latter is very evident in several scenes of the game. Well, this scar comes from the end of God of War 3, when Kratos decides to sacrifice himself and end his life. 

Besides, in the first encounter between Kratos and Baldur, the Norse god mocks the Ghost of Sparta. Baldur says “Thought you’d be bigger”.

God of war 4

This is because, in the original saga, Kratos was about 2.30 meters. In the new game, the developers decided to lower him: The height of Kratos in this chapter is about 1.90 meters. Regardless, there is a reason for it:

Skip to 27:40

Plus, there are some cameos from characters like Zeus and Athena

Also, Kratos quotes his father Zeus when he decides to kill Baldur. The Greek god solemnly declares “The Cycle Ends Here“. Most likely, he remembered those words well. 

Finally, there is a reference to the Boat Captain. It is a recurring easter egg from the series. The Boat Captain was one of the first victims of Kratos and appeared in all chapters of the saga. 

Well, there’s a secondary quest in God of War 4 that mentions this character. What’s the name of this mission? Boat Captain’s Key. So, we have to expect that this character can also return in the next chapter of the series, God of War: Ragnarok

Boat captain Kratos

God of War Easter Eggs: another MCU reference 

You will face a mini-boss of the secondary mission “Family Business“. The challenge is not very difficult and after defeating your enemy you will receive the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages. Did you guess what it is? That’s right, it’s Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet!

shattered gauntlet Kratos

In addition, you can find the six Infinity Stones! Well, they aren’t identical for copyright reasons, but you’ll notice the quote. Of course, they will be upgrades that combined with the talisman can give you special powers

God of war Easter Eggs: you can receive a special item 

There is a secret code to get a special item that will increase your attacks. 

To unlock this upgrade, you must go to the Muspelheim Tower and stay in the circle in the center. You need to make sure the braziers are on. If they are, you have to look Middle, Left, Middle, Right, Left, Middle, Floor, Right, Left, Middle. You can enter the code calmly, there is no need to do it quickly.

Then you will hear a gong and a Realm Tear will open. Inspect it and you will receive your reward: the Legendary Axe Pommel

God of war easter eggs: secret item

God of War Easter Eggs: the secret ending 

If you have finished the game, you can go home. Here Kratos will tell Atreus to rest because the last winter is approaching. Years later then, we are shown a scene to give the shivers. Here it is: 

It’s exciting, isn’t it? The gods of Asgard witnessed Kratos’ actions and will be scared to death. Well, if we want to know how this ends, we just have to wait for the release of God of War: Ragnarok!

God of War: What do you think of the game? 

God of War is a masterpiece, it is one of the best games of 2022 so far. It’s a title that will excite and entertain players.

What do you think of the game? Did you find other interesting secrets? Share your experience with the Indie Gala community and discuss it!

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