Free Guy Review

What If I told ya that this Free Guy review has been on my agenda for a year and a half…. Would you believe me? Well, it’s true. Since I pitched it as an article back at the start of 2020 when I first got hired at IndieGala. And yes, the movie should have been released in the summer of 2020. But you know… The COVID-19 pandemic started and all of the world got postponed. Not just Free Guy’s premiere. Even the Tokyo Olympics got postponed last year. But but I already covered that last month. You can check it out once again here.

Free Guy Review

But I’m Here About The Free Guy Review

What’s it all about? Careful, spoiler alert! Well, directed by Shawn Levi, Free Guy is about… Guy (played by Ryan Reynolds). A bank teller from Free City. He’s a seemingly ordinary bloke with mundane existence. He wears the same clothes, he drinks the same coffee and his bank gets robbed every single day. However, things will take a U-turn for Guy when he’ll don a pair of glasses. He’ll discover something else completely and he’ll discover Molotov Girl in the process too.

You’ve guessed it. He’ll discover that he’s just an NPC (non-playable character) in a popular open-world game thanks to Millie (Jodie Comer). She’ll need to prove that game’s underlying code was stolen from her, by its creator Antoine (Taika Waititi). But that won’t be an easy task, to say the least. Luckily for her, Free Guy is becoming sentient in the game and he’s there to lend a helping hand. Seriously. This is a movie about a video game, that’s not based on any exact video game, but it got its influence from several existing ones (including Grand Theft Auto, SimCity, Sims, Fortnite and more). It got my attention to say the least.

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Is Free Guy Good?

Yes. In a nutshell, it’s a flawed but very entertaining movie that should provide 2 hours of fun. I suppose the hardcore games and those in the know of how game developing works will frown upon and sneer. But hey… Us rookies know how to appreciate it for what it is. It’s conveniently dumbed down summer flick made to satisfy most of the pallets out there. And let’s be honest, the celebrity cameos from the likes of Chris Evans, Channing Tatum are cool additions. Oh and the celebrity gaming vloggers (Jacksepticeye, Ninja, Pokimane, DanTDM, and LazarBeam) are cool as well. However, this is a movie in which Ryan Reynolds has his charm to the max. And it shows really. His charisma, natural comedic timing and overall talent really carry the movie on its shoulders. And he gives his best here. He really does.

Free Guy Review

Even at times when the movie is sorta stuck in a whirlpool and doesn’t know which way to go. Like in the middle of the movie, when there’s a push and pull between team Millie and team Antwan. It goes on and on for a significant period of time. You know before it loses steam, and starts having a predictable yet campy and overblown resolution. However, you must not take it too seriously. Even when it gets too repetitive for it’s own good.

It’s after all a satire of the entire industry (at least how I understood it to be). And a movie that draws influence from everything, and turns into campy gaming galore of a summer flick. From The Matrix, The Lego Movie, The Truman Show to Ready Player One (minus the enormous jolt of nostalgia). And in the basic premise from Nirvana too. The 1997 movie with Christopher Lambert in the lead role. Seriously. It’s a small movie but oh so good. Check it out.

Jodie Steals The Show

Oh yes, she does. I mean if you loved her in Killing Eve, then you probably know what this girl can do. You’re probably aware of her talent. And here she’s got her hands full here really. She must juggle dual roles with two different personalities. And with two different actors. Not to mention she needs to match that chemistry with Reynolds (which she does that with flying colors). And she needs to become a support to Joe Keery’s Keys character as well. Not an easy job is it?

Zac Penn and Matt Leiberman had a rough job with the script as well. Turning all those influences (plus GTA and Fortnite) into meta-humor and somewhat original script. A script that doesn’t have an original IP as source material I mean. However, my impression is different. Turning an AI character into the most likable, authentic and honest character is probably one of their biggest accomplishments in Free Guy. Despite the dicey pacing at times, and predictable ending. But when it comes to the flaws in the script I’ll also mention the decision to make Taika Waititi into one of the most predictable, one-dimensional, unremarkable villains ever. I mean come on! That’s one of the most creative people on the planet. He played a wacky version of Hitler for Pete’s sake. He deserves better than what’s he’s given in Free Guy.

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From Zero To Hero!

Yup. That’s Guy (pardon Ryan) here, and he’s doing it with a pair of basic khakis through the movie. He’s got his endless charm to hand on to, and he knows it. You might say that he’s perfect for the role of Guy and you’d be right. With the help of an equally charming and talented leading lady (Jodie of course). But yeah. The entertaining and dynamic script helps, and so does the energetic direction from Levi. Topped with some cool CGI. But yeah. This is one fun movie and it deserves your attention.

Your Thoughts On The Free Guy Review Please!

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