Far cry 5: a good game

First of all, I want to clarify one thing, Far Cry 5 is not the best chapter of the saga. In my opinion, the best chapter remains Far Cry 3, a true masterpiece of the genre that you can find discounted at a special price.

Regardless, Far Cry 5 remains a pleasant game, with some flaws, but also able to surprise you at certain times. Here’s everything you need to know about the Ubisoft chapter of the series.

Far Cry 5: What’s the story, holy glory?

Far Cry 5: here's your villain, Joseph Seed

A trademark of Far Cry is the ability to propose a history with solid premises. Usually, in such games, you have to deal with deranged lunatics on deserted islands, warlords, megalomaniac dictators etc.

In Far Cry 5, you are in the United States of America, a free country, in Montana, to be precise. What threat could there be in a democratic and liberal country? Well, a religious cult that tortures and kills anyone who doesn’t follow the rules of its leader, Joseph Seed. What a wonderful premise, isn’t it?

In this game, you will have to impersonate a young police officer who together with his colleagues decides to arrest the “holy” man. As you can probably guess, things will not go well, and you will have to survive in Hope County, a territory controlled by sect extremists.

In my honest opinion, the original story of Far Cry 5 is perhaps its biggest strength. The plot is compelling and interesting with some twists that are not trivial at all. Also, I am a cutscene lover and in this game they are excellent.

A positive result, after I was slightly disappointed by the lack of a strong plot in Far Cry Primal.

Similar gameplay, but with some innovations

As for the gameplay, Far Cry 5 is very similar to the previous titles. In fact, in many ways it reminds me of Far Cry 4.

In general, the things to do are always the same: shoot, destroy, blow up. The classic formula destroys and win. There are no original elements or concepts, like in SUPERHOT for example, that make it different from most common FPS.

However, if you love games with numerous missions, secondary and optional, then you will find what you want. The longevity of Far Cry 5 is fantastic, much better than most videogames today.

Far Cry 5 has some amazing boss fights

You need to know that to proceed with the main story you will have to complete a large number of missions. There are no shortcuts, once you’re in Hope County you’ll have to find out all of its secrets!

Honestly, I also enjoyed the boss fights, which were quite an unexpected surprise for me. Of course, we are not at the difficulty level of games like Bloodstained: Ritual of the night, but the title does everything possible to offer you a good challenge.

Far Cry 5: a hellish rhythm in a holy county

Here I have to tell you the truth: I am at a crossroads about this aspect. On the one hand, I have to tell you that I loved the rhythm of Far Cry 5, with hellish, frantic and crazy shootings. In the game, you will never get tired of eliminating enemies, a real endless army!

On the other hand, sometimes it will seem impossible to enjoy the narrative because enemies will attack you at any time, even while you are talking to an NPC.

To make things more balanced, I would have preferred some moments of relaxation, where you can calmly delve into secondary background stories. Besides, the constant firefights can make the game repetitive & trivial at times.

However, the continuous firefights allow you to experience the different weapons of the game and you can have fun creatively eliminating your enemies.

There’s no hope in this county

The map of Far Cry 5 is flawless. The open-world is excellently structured, with landscapes that can keep you speechless.

Moreover, the graphics of the game are also exceptional, with every detail that almost seems to be real. Exploring the map can be pleasant even if you always have to be careful about the avalanche of enemies who want to “redeem” you by taking your life!

Deliver us from evil (and from fools)

Far Cry 5 is not a perfect game, but it manages to win you over, especially if you love the FPS Open-World.

You too can get this videogame, available at an incredibly affordable price (or the gold edition) on the IG store. It’s time to bring divine justice to the land of freedom!

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