Fallout 3 Steam

It’s safe to say that Fallout 3 Steam is one of Bethesda’s crown achievements. A fantastic action RPG with an open world to die for. Indeed, it sometimes gets overshadowed by New Vegas. But it shouldn’t be the case. Fallout 3 is perfectly capable to impress and excite.

However, What’s Fallout 3 Steam All About?

One fateful morning, you (or The Lone Wanderer) awake to find that your father has defied the Overseer. And he left the comfort and security afforded by Vault 101. For reasons unknown of course. So, leaving the only home you’ve ever known is now the only option. Therefore you emerge from the Vault. And head into the harsh Wasteland sun of Fallout 3. For a proper to search for your father. And the truth.

A Fantastic Action RPG?

Indeed it is. A first-person, action RPG for the ages. Let’s start with that fantastic open world. It’s huge and yes. Incredible. But with many great side-missions in it. And we’re first greeted with “War…War never changes”. A moto if you will for the entire series. And yes, you get to witness the fallout of that war firsthand. There’s the ruined and disheveled Washington. And you’ll get to witness a lot of that destruction in DC. But that’s the whole point of the game. The atmosphere is where Fallout 3 gets you. The atmosphere and the immersion are fantastic. It almost makes you feel as if you’re walking through the post-nuclear USA.

Not to mention that the game-play is immaculate, detailed and creative. And your main character can get equally creative customization too. Sure, the atmosphere is on point. But the other characters are also fun, diverse and well made. They form a rather great picture of the environment that you’re in. Fallout 3 for Steam is impressive and fun. Even after all those years. It’s worth revisiting again.

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