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Dear gamers, today I want you to read my Exit Limbo review. I took a first look at the game, playing a Demo version that includes the first stages of this work. The game, a side-scroller beat’em up that mixes new elements with other nostalgic elements, was developed by Virtual Craft Studios. As for the distribution, it was Indiegala that made it possible, just like Die Young, an open-world game that allows you to explore.

However, coming back to Exit Limbo, what were my first impressions? Let’s find out together!

Exit Limbo review: fists, blood and enemies

Exit Limbo Review: fights and enemies

First of all, you should know that the gameplay of Exit Limbo reminded me of the arcade classics. Remember games like Alien vs Predator, TMNT, or Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage? Well, if you spent hours playing games like that, then you’re gonna love Exit Limbo.

The game begins in an underground setting, inside a subway. You are Mr.Rhino and seem to be the only survivor of a mysterious accident. The animals around us seem to be going crazy and attacking us on sight. It will be up to us to defend ourselves with our moves and make our way in a hellish environment.

Like any good Brawler, in Exit Limbo you’ll have to use the speed of your fingers to create unstoppable combos. There are so many moves and you can experience them on the enemies that will attack you with murderous fury.

Exit Limbo and the combos

Besides, if you lose, during the loading you will have a kind of training session and you can improve your combat skills. I appreciated that because it allowed me to improve without exaggerating.

During your adventure, you can also interact with other elements, such as explosive barrels and destroy multiple enemies in one shot. Believe me, the satisfaction that Exit Limbo can give you when you create magnificent combos is exceptional!

With which device can you play Exit Limbo?

Exit Limbo Review: how can you play it?
I hate this red guy

Personally, I played with the keyboard and had a few difficulties initially. Enemies are not stupid at all and will jump on you, killing you in a few moments. I’m not used to playing with the keyboard, I admit it, but I didn’t expect Exit Limbo to be so punitive!

The level of difficulty seemed quite high and some mini-bosses made me suffer. Regardless, this is an aspect that I appreciated, because during my Exit Limbo review I could get my hands on a competitive and fascinating game.

If you want to enjoy a more relaxing experience and like me, you’re not used to the keyboard, then I recommend playing with an Xbox 360 controller. You will feel comfortable and eliminate enemies quickly and exhaustively.

Exit Limbo and the platforming phases

The platform phases

Another thing that struck me during my Exit Limbo review was the platforming of some stages. In fact, in some places, you will have to escape the enemies, jump at the right time, slip into tight areas, and so on.

These actions allow you to explore the various areas of the game, managing to get upgrades and bonuses. There are some original witty concepts in the game and I must say that I enjoyed the “tortellini“, a type of Italian pasta, which you use to recover energy. Plus, I think the platforming stages, which you’ll love if you’ve enjoyed games like Ori and the Blind Forest, provide lifeblood to Exit Limbo.

Let’s say you can consider these stages a kind of rest before you resume to fight and tear the guts of enemies! Besides, the Exit Limbo platforming breaks down the monotony.

Astonishing graphics and music

Graphics are astonishing

Finally, I enjoyed the graphical aspect. The settings and the background of the game are spectacular, a real pleasure for the eyes. I also really liked the character design, with attention to detail. Every enemy has a distinctive, scary, and original trait. Not to mention Mr.Rhino, an iconic protagonist that you will also love for his style.

Not surprisingly, the developers of Exit Limbo have given their best in this project and here you can read their interview on the development of the videogame. Honorable mention for the music of the game, able to carry you and give you the right adrenaline. For this reason, if you can, I suggest you play Exit Limbo with headphones.

Are you ready to try it?

Exit Limbo is a beat’em up side scroller that you absolutely must try. Remember that it is not yet available, but you can add it to your Steam Wishlist.

Believe me, it’s worth trying this video game. Really useful if you want to blow off steam and punch your enemies, you’re gonna go crazy for it!

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