The premise, and only the premise, of Exit Limbo: Opening is quite simple. “Mr. Rhino [the main character] wakes up in a parallel of his home town, where an organic contaminant has altered many of the inhabitants into blood thirsty abominations.” But there’s more, a lot more. Firstly, the game got an evolving plot, various characters and factions, in addition, it got many powers, combos and upgrades to unlock, various areas to explore, some platform parts, and more. Here’s the release trailer of the game:

About Exit Limbo

The structure of Exit Limbo: Opening is similar to old school side-scrolling beat’em up games. You have to go from left to right, or from right to left, you are free to move… and I mean it: the world it’s not linear, “Forget about boring linear level structure. Parkour your way around the world to explore new areas and open new pathways between them”; in addition, you have to beat monsters and fight end-level bosses. That seems simple… BUT, one of the main difference between old games and this one, is that it’s gruesome and cruel; oh, as I stated before, it’s an exploring adventure too.

Exit Limbo: Opening gif

Exploring Limbo before exit from there

Game mechanics are quite simple, but the game is not: you’ll have a captivating experience in beating the game, trying to find the way to beat a boss or pass a difficult part. The game is filled with dark atmosphere, inspired and hideous monsters, well realized locations with character and a lot of details. In addition, you have an astonishing engaging soundtrack (soon available to download). For a complete review of the game, you can check this article.

Exit Limbo: opening monster

A very gruesome game

Ok: let’s focus on the gory and dark aspects of the game. There are skeletal beats, gruesome organisms on the walls, blood everywhere and, above all, extreme violence. If you want a splatter adventure with a lot of action, then, this game is made for you. We can define Exit Limbo: Opening as a Splatter-Gore Beat’em Up game. That’s a genre that never got the success that it deserves, for my personal point of view. To sum up, this game is like Final Fight with the extreme violence and blood of Mortal Kombat’s fatality and brutality. To this, you have to add exploration and platform elements. The Retro Synth music fit perfectly in the game (you can read about the Exit Limbo band at this link in our blog). It’s an awesome soundtrack that will accompany you into this trip through this urban hell.

exit limbo: opening

At this point, we well know that a picture (or better, a video) is worth a thousand words. For that reason, you can see for yourself about some of what I’m talking about here, in the gameplay of the full DEMO of Exit Limbo: Opening.

Exit Limbo: Opening was just released and you can add it to your wishlist on the Steam Store. You can also download a full demo of the game for free in the same page, to try it for yourself. The game got full support of controller. I’ve used the Xbox 360 one and it’s very enjoyable, even if I usually prefer mouse and keyboard for gaming.

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