Drone Swarm

Of all the technology stuff I get to write on a daily basis, drones is not part of it. Drone Swarm is about to change all that, and I love it. Why? Because as you can probably tell, drones is fairly new topic about me. Everything that has to do with drones. Video games with drones and movies with drones. Space Ships and Space Stations… Sure. But not drones.

But although fresh and explored topics are rarity for me, thankfully they do exist in my agenda. Once in a while I’ll get a topic I haven’t explored before. And when I do, I intent to relish it. Hence the excitement about this Drone Swarm post.

But before I can go any further with this post, I believe that a word or two about the game is needed. What’s the game all about?

Drone Swarm
Drone Swarm

Drone Swarm: What’s It All About You Might Ask?

Developed by Stillalive Studios and published by Astragon Entertainment, Drone Swarm is a fantastic strategy game. First and foremost, you get to control 32,000 individually simulated drones. Secondly, you get to face three alien factions in quick and intense fights. Furthermore, you get to protect your immovable mothership at all costs. The swarm is your resource. But you must use it wisely to attack and defend at the same time. Enemies have many different abilities. Starting with lasers, rockets, mines, fast-moving. And there are the shields, drone disabling weapons, repair beams and many more. Are you up for it?

If you are, make sure to check out DCL Game as well. It’s quite similar to Drone Swarm. And it allows you to fly on the world’s most spectacular Drone Racing tracks. It’s an innovative race series, blurring the lives between virtual and reality. Make sure to check it out here. And of course, enjoy it.

But wait… Let’s look at some of the Steam user comments about Drone Swarm:

– This is the most innovative gameplay I’ve seen in a while. It reminds me a bit of the movie Ender’s Game, wherein the final fight also many drones are controlled by humans. – mentions Corben in his comment.

– Love everything about it. The unique mechanics and the dynamic strategies required make this game a one to remember, and it’s definitely worth a replay or two if you have the time. I adored the unique concept and the overall creativity to the point where I joined the Discord just to connect to the community, and the community is just as great. 10/10. Adds shyster000.

Drone Swarm is available for purchase at IndieGala, and it’s just waiting for your undivided attention. Just click here, and enjoy.

And Which Movies Go Well With Drone Swarm & DCL?

Well, it’s a mixed bag here. There’s an eclectic selection of movies on this list, but they’re all fun. Some movies are rooted in reality and others lean towards science fiction. But it’s a fun selection nonetheless. However, looking back on this topic, I found that most of the movies that feature drones are movies made after the 2000s. But there are a few that predate the modern technological age of the late 20th century. And one of those movies is of course… Back To The Future – Part II. *My favorite of the Back To The Future trilogy BTW). But here in this particular post, I’m going for more current movies. Which ones made the cut? Scroll down to find out. Let’s begin, shall we?


A movie called Drone that also features drones. What’s more appropriate than that? But over here in the 2017 movie, Sean Bean takes the center stage. And he’s Neil Wistin in Drone. A military drone contractor who will meet an enigmatic Pakistani businessman. And suddenly his ideologies will collide, but his view on his job will not remain the same. This is a fairly unknown movie but at the same time a movie that deserves your attention. Not to mention it has an inspired performance from Sean Bean as well.

Fun fact: Actors Sharon Taylor and Viv Leacock both played similar agents in Jason Bourque’s SyFy movie Asteroid: Final Impact.

Good Kill

Another movie with military drones. And another morally conflicted leading character in them. However, Good Kill has a fairly more interesting cast and a better critical reception too. Ethan Hawke has the leading role in Good Kill. A family man and a drone pilot who begins to question the ethics of his job. January Jones and Zoë Kravitz are on supporting role duty, and so is the ever-talented Bruce Greenwood. This is a great movie and deserves your attention too. So, yeah it also belongs to be on this list.

Fun fact: This is the third time Ethan Hawke and director Andrew Niccol have worked together. The first was Gattaca (1997).

Eye in the Sky

A movie with an Oscar winner in the lead role? Why yes. That’s Dame Helen Mirren all right and the movie is Eye In The Skye. But the thing is this is a movie with an incredible cast. Aaron Paul is in it as well, and this is the last appearance of Alan Rickman in a live-action movie. Oh and the Oscar winner Colin Firth is one of the producers too. Eye In The Sky is about eliminating extremism, and not looking at the cost to do that. This is a good movie, with great performances. And yeah. Deserves to be on this list.

Fun fact: The part of Colonel Katherine Powell was originally written as a male part.

Eagle Eye

Ah yes. Eagle Eye is a movie filled with drones. But at the same time, the movie is filled with great actors too. And yeah. Eagle Eye is a thrilling, nail-biting movie about the perils of modern-day surveillance technology. And here in Eagle Eye, Shia LaBeouf is Jerry. A college dropout who gets entangled in a government conspiracy, and therefore in mystery. And in the worst possible moment of his life. However, he and a mysterious stranger will get a lifeline, and all they’ll have to do is survive. However, survival is not all that easy, when the government is behind you. Julianne Moore is also in this movie, and so is Michelle Monaghan. Indeed, the movie didn’t get a good reception back in 2008 (sadly). But even now I think it’s a solid and entertaining movie. Worth giving it a shot.

Fun fact: The design of Eagle Eye is very similar to the detection arrays for a Neutrino Detector. Rows upon rows of orange glass globes in an underground, water-filled bunker.

The Giver

And let’s end this post with a hard-core science fiction movie. Shall we? The Giver to bookend this drone post, and it’s the first movie on this list that does not have any military theme. Well in the majority of the themes anyway. However, The Giver is a dystopian movie adapted from the 1993 book of the same name. And it has 2 Oscar winners/legends in the cast too. The one and only Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges as well. But The Giver is a movie about Utopia. And about memories as well. And the search for the truth in the seemingly perfect society. The movie is a hot mess even now, but I just couldn’t help but include it here on this list.

Fun fact: When Jeff Bridges first bought the film rights to the novel in the 1990s, he intended to cast his father Lloyd Bridges as the Giver.

Drone Swarm: Are You A Fan?

We sure are here at IndieGala. And while I’m on that note… Which is your favorite movie that features drones in it? Let us know in the comment section. We’d love to know all about it.

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