Days Gone Secrets

Days Gone is a game full of secrets. This title published by Playstation PC has a lot to tell. You can find out more about the gameplay of Days Gone by reading the review here.

Today we will focus on more. We will hunt: we will go to find the Easter Eggs and the secrets of this game. Are you ready to go on this adventure? So, take a look at the trailer, and then let’s go into wild Oregon!

Days Gone Secrets: links to a game of the past

Days Gone is closely related to a game of the past, a jewel created by Bend Studios when it was indie and was called Eidetic, Inc. The masterpiece is Syphon Filter. The espionage title, often compared to Metal Gear Solid, has fascinated hundreds of people, including me.

This saga has now fallen into oblivion, but many will remember it with affection forever. Days Gone, developed by Bend Studios, pays homage to this video game series.

How? Well, there are several clues scattered throughout the game. The first easter egg you can find out by collecting the 18 pieces of the IPCA Tech. After you have collected these objects, you can unlock a powerful weapon, a stun gun! However, it is not a classic stun gun, it is the taser of Gabriel Logan, the protagonist of Syphon Filter. You can also see the initials G.L. on the weapon as you use it.

Days Gone Secrets: Gabriel Logan's taser

You can find another easter egg while exploring the Cloverdale Laboratory, where Deacon’s wife, Sarah, worked. Here is a report that highlights how a virus, classified under the name of “Syphon Filter”, exploded in the world. This is a direct reference to the game for PS1 and has led many to speculate about a link between the two games. Not surprisingly, fans have come up with a theory that Days Gone is a sequel to Syphon Filter where Gabriel Logan and his associates have failed to save the world.

Days Gone virus

One more easter egg on PS4

In the list of trophies for Playstation 4, there is another reference to Syphon Filter. Here is a bronze trophy called “Lend Me Your Ears“. To complete it, the player must collect 989 Freaker Ears. Not an easy task, is it? Why 989 Ears? Well, the number comes from 989 Studios, a group of developers who proposed to Bend Studios the idea to create Syphon Filter. Just like Ouroboros, the beginning is the end!

Zombies and hollows together

Days Gone pays homage to one of the greatest games of the last decade, Dark Souls. Wandering with Deacon to the game map, you can find a Bonfire.

If you want to find it, head to Black Crater Ripper Camp. Remember, be careful of enemies who can jump on you and injure you. Here, you will find a bonfire with stones and a knife in the middle. You will recognize it immediately. Unfortunately, you can’t turn it on and rest to restore your energy. Hey, that means you’re still healthy and you don’t have the dark sign on you!

Days Gone Secrets: a link to The Last Of Us II?

There are several connections. Both games have been released as exclusive to Playstation. Plus, their storyline features hordes of hungry zombies.

Regardless, it looks like there is a quote in the game. You may notice it by chance, exploring the game map. Here at some point, you can enter a house. The scenery you can admire will be this.

Days Gone Secrets The Last of Us II

This may not look familiar, but let me show you a scene from the first trailer of The Last of Us II.

Well, that seems like a lot of coincidences, don’t you think? To this day, it hasn’t been confirmed if this is an easter egg dedicated to Neil Druckmann’s game. However, some fans think it’s an obvious quote. Personally, I think the same.

Developers are in the game

It is a common easter egg. Developers insert themselves into their work, through quotations and hidden images. It happens very often. The reference in Days Gone is quite devious. To find it, you’ll have to go to the university campus along with Sarah.

Here Deacon will stop in a room where there are numerous bodies on the ground. While Sarah will take a “centrifuge” Deacon will take a look around. In front of the protagonist of the game, there will be a blackboard with several scribbles. Those aren’t random signs, but they’re the signatures of the developers at Bend Studios.

Days Gone Developers

Days Gone Secrets: hunting for a famous cowboy

You will need to capture a “famous” character to complete a side mission of the game. It is the wanted Richard Marsdon. Do you notice any similarities? If I mention a name, John Marston? Well, that’s right, in Days Gone there is a tribute to the famous cowboy of Red Dead Redemption.

The mission itself confirms this secret. To complete your assignment, you’ll have to return Marst.., sorry, Marsdon’s cowboy hat to camp. In short, the protagonist of the game created by Rockstar manages to always get into trouble!

Red Dead Redemption tribute

A story of riders

Days Gone pays homage to motorcycle culture. In particular, the relationship between Deacon and Boozer focuses on their passion for motorcycles and their free lifestyle.

In a mission, there is a musical reference to another work dedicated to the world of bikers. While Deacon and Boozer travel by motorbike to Iron Mike’s camp, the song “Soldiers Eyes” is heard in the background. The song is featured on the soundtrack of Sons of Anarchy, the most famous TV series focused on a group of bikers.

Days Gone Secrets and Easter Eggs: will you find them all?

These were the main Easter Eggs in the game. As you can see, there are so many secrets in this title.

Do you want to find out for yourself? Well, you can try Days Gone on your PC. You can find it in our store at a special price.

Get on your bike, kill the zombies, save the world, and discover the secrets of the game!

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