Conglomerate 451

Do you still feel like cyberpunk-ing after trying the most anticipated triple-A title in recent years? You know what I mean. Well, if you still want to dive into a futuristic and technological world, I suggest you play Conglomerate 451.

Maybe you’ve never heard of this title published by 1C Online Games but I assure you it’s worth a try. Why? Find out in my mini-review!

Welcome to the future (again)

Conglomerate 451 customization
Ready to destroy!

In this game, you will play as a special agent. Your job is to restore peace in Sector 451, a part of your city where chaos has broken out. Thanks to the plot of the game you can find out what lies behind this hustle and bustle and choose which side to stand on.

Conglomerate 451 does not have a very complicated plot. However, I assure you it will involve you completely. I mean, you will like it if you love the cyberpunk genre.

What I enjoyed most in the game is the atmosphere. The setting of this title is fabulous, it embodies the spirit of cyberpunk. Expect to walk neon-lit streets and find yourself face-to-face with robots or androids. From this point of view, I would like to congratulate the RuneHeads development team. Trust me, I Googled them, and I see they’re a small team.

Regardless, they did an excellent job, giving the audience a masterpiece of the cyberpunk genre. So, congratulations RuneHeads, with Conglomerate 451 you have taught the great software houses that just passion is enough to make a great video game!

Conglomerate 451 has mixed gameplay


The gameplay is a mix of genres. You can play in the first person during the exploration of the map. You have to remember that this is a dungeon-crawler and the various maps to explore are generated procedurally.

Thanks to the first-person view you can enjoy all the graphic details of the game environment: a pleasure for the eyes. Besides, I don’t hide that this gameplay reminded me of another cyberpunk game, Ghostrunner.

However, the game transforms during the combat phases. Conglomerate 451 becomes a turn-based RPG. You will have to choose carefully which actions to use to harm your opponents or heal your allies. So if you buy this game, don’t expect an action title. You’ll have to think about the best move to make to win the game.

Is it an easy video game?

It depends on your playing skills. If you are an expert on turn-based RPGs you will immediately feel comfortable with this video game. Alternatively, if you have never tried such a title, then you may lose several times.

Regardless, you don’t have to despair. I give you a tip, try to create a good party, combining the different actions of your characters. Besides, with the right connections, you can get an unbeatable team!

Do you want to try Conglomerate 451?

If you want my advice, you should try Conglomerate 451. It is a fascinating game that has many positive aspects and few flaws. Moreover, here is the trailer of the game.

It surprised you, didn’t it? Well, another advantage of the game is its cost. Buy it now at a special price in our store, you will not regret it! Finally, if you have an opinion on this title, share it with the Indiegala community. I’ll be happy to discuss this and other cyberpunk games with you!

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