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It’s not always easy to find a Soulslike as beautiful as Code Vein. Personally, I’m an admirer of the genre and I love Dark Souls, the best of its kind.

What makes Code Vein special and what distinguishes it from other games? Well, the fact that it’s not just a Soulslike. I know, you might be confused, but let me explain everything that makes Code Vein a game you have to try. Let’s discover the review of this pearl by Bandai Namco!

Code Vein: a rich and varied gameplay

Code Vein and a varied gameplay

As I said before, Code Vein owes a lot to the Soulslike genre. Believe me, in the first two areas of the game you will feel like you are playing a From Software work.

You’ll have to face enemies much stronger than you, who will kill you in a few strikes. Remember to use the lock system on your opponents if you want to have a chance to survive.

Besides, on several occasions, your mistakes can be punished and you will always have to pay attention to your movements. I repeat, especially in the early stages of the game, you may die many times, but don’t give up, because the game changes.

What makes Code Vein different?

How? While advancing in your run, you will realize how Code Vein is a pure Action RPG and not a real Soulslike. Thanks to various upgrades and the balance of your equipment you will be able to progress easier.

Blood Codes are the main change of the game

In particular, you can take advantage of the Blood Codes. These are pre-set classes that will allow you to balance the characteristics of your character. You can customize a Blood Code or decide to use the standard build.

Depending on the blood code you choose, you can change your playing style. For example, this can help you in battles with bosses, because you can continuously try the right combination to eliminate them.

If I have to tell you the truth, on one hand, I enjoyed this part of the game, on the other, I did not. Yes, I understand that in this way Code Vein distinguishes itself from Soulslike and builds its own identity, avoiding being labeled as a Dark Souls clone.

Regardless, this gameplay makes everything easier. In some cases, the difficulty level drops considerably. Those who approach the genre for the first time may not notice the difference, as Code Vein is never too easy, but fans of the Souls series (like myself) will be slightly disappointed.

Play alone or with a friend

Code Vein Multiplayer

One of the special features of Code Vein is the multiplayer. In the game, you will always have another player at your side, to be part of a team of minimum 2 players.

If you want to play alone, the other player will be controlled by the CPU. I have to tell the truth, the allied AI is not bad, but do not rely on it. In some cases, you will have to manage on your own and the secondary character can do little or nothing.

The situation changes if you play with a friend online. In this case, you will have a real ally at your side. I can guarantee you that the fun increases and you can also unlock gameplay mechanics such as combo attacks.

Not many video games today allow you to play the main campaign in co-op, but Code Vein is one of them. An added value and a further reason to try the work of Bandai Namco.

Code Vein and the gothic atmosphere

Code Vein and the gothic atmosphere

Code Vein recalls the Souls genre also for its graphics. The atmosphere that you breathe in the game is always shadowy, dark and decadent. However, rather than fantasy, the game has its roots in science fiction and dystopia.

Throughout the game, you can see futuristic landscapes destroyed, flooded with purple, red, black and blue lights. A real sight for the eyes and if you love the gothic style you will be amazed to explore some areas.

To be honest, from this point of view I preferred the sensations of Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night. However, Code Vein plays his cards right and has a game design that pays attention to detail.

The importance of exploration

The game has a very large map

This is a little piece of advice I want to give you. The game leads you to always go ahead, defeat opponents, bosses and other enemies.

Regardless, don’t neglect the exploration! Wandering the map of the game can make you find interesting objects, which you will help you survive. Plus, I also recommend backtracking from time to time.

In this way, you will also be able to exercise your combat techniques, in particular the Parry and Backstab. Exploring the map can also be used to level up and kill enemies you will encounter on your way without problems.

Exciting lore and plot

Code Vein has an amazing plot

Finally, I just want to make a small mention about the plot. You have to experience the lore of Code Vein firsthand, so I don’t want to spoil anything for you.

In the near future, humanity has been destroyed by a plague, the Great Collapse, and the only hope are corpses regenerated through parasites in the heart called BOR, the Revenants.

To be fed, the Revenants need human blood. Some of them went crazy because of the bloodlust and turned into the Lost, vampire-like monsters. It will be up to you to make things right and find a mysterious “Queen” who seems to be the solution to everything.

Blood, enemies, queen, monsters, undead: but again, it’s not Dark Souls.

Code Vein: try the game now

Code Vein is a great game you should try. Let me know what you think, maybe with a comment below.

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Don’t waste this opportunity and enjoy a fabulous videogame!

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