Sometimes all you need in your life are giant robots / mechs. Indeed, they are the inspiration and base for so many movies, comic books and namely video games. But let’s start with some video games and then we’ll move on to the movies part. Likewise Battletech is the inspiration for this post as well, but let’s start from the beginning.

Battletech: the video game

First of all, Battletech is your standard turn-based strategy video game. You do not parkour and shoot like in Titanfall, another prominent mech example. The player is basically in the role of a mercenary commander. Moreover, that particular commander is leading a team of powerful combat vehicles called battlemechs.

The Battletech world is dominated by powerful noble houses that are waging a war, and it’s up to you to pick which house to serve.


Battletech explained for dummies

Set during the 3025 Succession Wars Era, those aforementioned houses employ giant fighting vehicles called battlemechs. In addition, the mechs are controlled MechWarriors. It’s like a video game version of Game Of Thrones…but with giant bots.

This is a Battletech simplification of the synopsis (for dummies like myself), but I’m not too far off right?

For Battletech/mech fans, time for movies

While we got that out of the way, let’s look back at some of the movies that are very similar to Battletech. Similarly to the video game, there are three that I could recommend if you are into giant robot themed movies. Let’s start.

Pacific Rim: Uprising


While it’s not the best sequel for a great movie, Pacific Rim: Uprising is a fun, outrageous, action packed blockbuster movie.

It lacked some consistency, plot development, and serious pacing problems. But the movie balanced the shortcomings with great performances and outstanding CGI.

In all honesty, the CGI used in the visual effects here is one of the 2 reasons to actually see this movie. The other reason is the presence of Scott Eastwood.

In contrast to the previous Pacific Rim movie, there’s a clear drop in quality, regarding the direction.

You can clearly see that the sequel is made by a rookie director (this was the feature-film directorial debut of Steven S. DeKnight). But if you look past all of these things, you still might enjoy this 2018 movie. Give it a shot.

Pacific Rim

pacific rim

Finally right? Yes. Nothing can overshadow the Guillermo Del Toro’s original project. Pacific Rim is clearly better, and superior in every way, as compared to the sequel of course.

Ultimately because Del Toro made it, but also because there was the presence of Idris Elba, and Del Toro’s frequent collaborators- Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman. Certainly, this is not a perfect movie by any means.

Likewise it’s a deeply flawed blockbuster, but so much better than the 2018 sequel. The development of the story and the characters was handled better, and although I had some issues with the acting as well (I’m looking at you Hunnam), this is still to this day a satisfactory movie to watch.

It has Ron Perlman as a human character in Guillermo Del Toro’s movie. Frankly that hasn’t happened since Cronos. So, feel free to enjoy it.

Robot Jox

robot jox

Finally, the movie that somehow inspired both of the previous movies. Similarly, Robot Jox has fighting giant robots, but no scary looking Kaiju monsters.

Additionally, the movie is set in the post-apocalyptic future, where what’s left from the humanity is fighting yet again. In all honesty, this movie symbolized the rift between the west and the east perfectly. Except in Robot Jox, they were fighting with giant robots.

The Cold War was just a thing of the past here, that’s for sure. Rather sad fact about this movie is the passing of the Robot Jox’s director, Stuart Gordon who died just last month. Although Robot Jox was a box office bomb back in the early 90’s, it’s considered a cult movie now. Decades since the 1990 premiere, it’s still good.

The special effects are done with stop motion which is awesome. And to be honest they’re still pretty decent considering the technology of the era. It has fantastic scenes (a very interesting chainsaw fight scene), and the pace of the movie is even better than some of the modern flicks of today.

Maybe it’s too corny and outdated by today’s standards. But it will do the trick if you’re looking for some great retro entertainment.

Your picks

What are your picks? Did you enjoy Battletech franchise? Tell us about your video game and movie picks in the comments below.

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