Elder Scrolls Cookbook

It all started with an Elder Scrolls Cookbook. You know what? Let me back up a little. This past month was my birthday, and as a B-Day present, I got an Elder Scrolls Cookbook. Made by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, the cookbook was a pleasant surprise by a dear friend of mine and I decided to do something about it. I decided to use it immediately. Hey, since my passion for writing and cooking is not subsiding, you can safely assume that this is not my first cooking related post. Granted, I didn’t actually cook before, but I did write about my favorite movies that just happen to involve cooking. Check them out here.

Elder Scrolls Cookbook

Elder Scrolls As Inspiration For The Elder Scrolls Cookbook

And I suppose it goes without saying that we do have quite a bit of Elder Scrolls games here at IndieGala, and some of them are on sale. For instance, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR video game. But then again, we have plenty of games from the Bethesda catalog that are just waiting for you. Doom, Fallout, Wolfenstein, The Evil Within and so much more. We have them all. Feel free to check it out all by yourself. Just click, pick and enjoy. You know what to do.

Oh, and you’re not a fan of Elder Scrolls (no judgment), then you’d enjoy more a game from our fun Overcooked game series. As I said. One is an open world, action RPG game, set in a fictional universe, while the other is a co-op cooking game. Take your pick. They’re both awesome in their unique way.

However, I must apologize in advance for the poor quality of my photos. My phone camera is not WOW per se, but I managed to make do with what I got. And of course, share my weekend cooking adventures with you. I hope you’ll like them.

Elder Scrolls

Elder Scrolls Cookbook: Selecting Recipes Was the Hardest

First and foremost, this won’t be a post about my game-play struggles. Nor a post about any movies that are quite similar to the game in question. No, this is a post about one of my passions that just happens to be tied to one of the best game series of all time. Elder Scrolls. Although my love for cooking is well known and documented, the toughest part of the whole gastronomic adventure was the recipe selection. Furthermore, I must point out that the entire cookbook is divided into several sections. Starting with the basics (mustards, sauces, seasonings and spices). Then the sides, starters and snacks. Baked Goods are next, followed by soups and stews, main courses, desserts. And of course the cookbook ends with drinks and cocktails.

Starting With The Sides and Basics Of Elder Scrolls Cookbook

And since this is my first attempt at tackling the Elder Scrolls Cookbook, I thought I’d start easy.  With the Basics. And the logical start for that was at the sides, starters & snacks section. I love meat and fish, but I’ll leave the meat-filled pastries and deserts for another occasion. Oh, and speaking of deserts…. I’ve noticed that a lot of the dishes (desserts included) have honey as the main sweetener. However, I’m severely allergic to honey, so I’ll see how I will manage that hurdle. Maybe i’ll use agave or maple syrup as a substitute for the main ingredient, instead of honey. But oh well. That’s a good thing to ponder for the next cooking challenge. Back to the topic at hand.

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Mushrooms And Carrots For Me

Indeed. I chose 2 separate recipes from the Elder Scrolls Cookbook, and I’m happy to report that both of them were a huge success in my household. First and foremost, I chose the Baby Carrots in Moonshugar Glaze. Which is basically carrots with a sticky, sweet brown sugar glaze. Yum. Moreover, I must also mention, that I followed the recipe through and through (without improvisations), and added just a pinch of dried garlic powder to the mushroom dish, just because I love it.

Oh, which brings me to my second recipe. The Imperial Mushroom Sauce. Let me tell a thing or two about the Imperial Mushroom sauce. It was DELICIOUS with a capital D. And, no I’m not exaggerating on that statement. I’m a huge fan of mushrooms and I purposely doubled the recipe. It was heavy on the mushrooms and I had plenty of leftovers too, which is a win-win if you ask me.

Elder Scrolls Cookbook

Slight Deviations From The Recipes

And although I followed the recipes to heart, I must confess that I didn’t follow the pairing advice under each one of them. For instance, the cookbook, suggests pairing the Imperial Mushroom Sauce with a Horker Loaf from page 131. Well, I ignored that advice and paired it with a fantastic bowl of Italian made pasta. I love pasta too, and it was just as easy to make. I mean everyone knows how to boil pasta right?. It was a great pairing I might add. The sauce and the macaroni blended perfectly in a saucy, delicious harmony, and I might be tempted to make it again. Because, I can never get bored of pasta dishes.

Quick And Easy Recipes 

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And when I say quick I do mean quick. Both of the recipes had 10-15 minutes of cooking time, which was impressive all by itself. I’m patient and resilient in the kitchen, but sometimes you just need a quick and easy recipe that’s satisfactory and delicious. I’m happy to report that both of them entered the clean plate club. As Binging With Babish would say. But this little experiment (turning food into writing assignments) was my moment of Julie & Julia inspiration. I didn’t do all of the recipes in the cookbook (and it wasn’t a Julia Child cookbook) but I did do my favorites for IndieGala. And I’m all about that. Blending food with enjoyment. Or business with pleasure. Which ever way you want to call it.

What To Make Next?

As I said, I’m yet to discover the rest of the recipes in the Elder Scrolls Cookbook. I’d very much like to tackle the Chicken Dumplings, Baked White River Salmon, The Apple Cobbler (just because apples are in season right now) and of course the Garlic Bread. As I mentioned earlier, I love garlic, and I cherish every opportunity to add it to a dish. Let me know in the comment section which one is your pick. I’d very much love to know.

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