#WaitingForMGW16 “Voodoo” Magic

We are super-excited! We can barely contain our excitement! That I’m-staying-up-playing-all-night kind of excitement! Did we mention that we are excited?

Ahem… OK… No need to get all giddy. And this has nothing to do with Voodoo winning the Modena Nerd Indie Award 2016. Well, actually it does a little bit.

You may have noticed from the title of this post that we are waiting for Milan Games Week 2016. Before we share our BIG NEWS for MGW16, let’s talk a little about Modena Nerd. (Appreciation hi-five!).

Our brothers-in-joypads, the folks at Brain In The Box, were fortunate enough to attend Modena Nerd and showcase our upcoming open-world survival game Voodoo. We’d like to say thank you to everybody who played, gave us feedback, and all of our new subscribers!


There were three reveals about Voodoo at Modena Nerd. None of them were actually hush-hush, just stuff we hadn’t really brought to light yet.

(1) Colossi Known As The Izimu

It’s no secret that Voodoo tips its hat to Shadow of the Colossus with its godlike race of Izimu. We announced this at Gamescom 2016. However, there are going to be a few more of those giants to take on than you might have expected!


(2) Primal Engineering

As we speak, Voodoo’s multifaceted crafting system is in development. This includes the ability to make equipment, weapons, and infrastructure. At Modena Nerd we were able to share some of the sketches on this concept.


(3) Primal Fashion

In Voodoo, you start off stark naked with nothing but your wits. However, as you get a grip on some of your more physiological needs, you’ll be able to focus on the more glamorous things in life!


We left Modena Nerd with a bunch of new fans, a lot of great feedback, and a wave of awesome energy. That’s how we decided it was time to do something primal at Milan Games Week 2016!

Into The Blood Lands…

Stay tuned. Brain In The Box will be making the biggest announcement on Voodoo yet at MGW16. This announcement will be:

  1. A gigantic “Thank You!” to all of our supporters so far…
  2. A huge invitation to hardcore survivors…
  3. A challenge of colossal proportions…

As far as clues go, you’ll find one in our original announcement trailer.