Survival Is A Collaboration Game


“Africa is such a diverse continent in terms of culture and heritage,” says Brain In The Box CEO Paolo Chiaramello in a conversation with us this weekend. “Imagine how much we’ll miss or mess up if we don’t get as much input as possible.”

This was basically a closing remark in a conversation we had with Brain In The Box about their upcoming multiplayer open-world survival game Voodoo. Earlier last week, the indie game studio privately showcased their title to some African online communities for feedback. While the results were overwhelmingly positive, they also amplified just how much richer the game could be with in-depth knowledge about the continent’s multifaceted history.

In this light, Brain In The Box has opened up a call-for-submissions from artists, anthropologists, historians, and technologists. Brain In The Box is more determined than ever to make sure that their flagship title checks the boxes on cultural representation and diversity. See details here >>


The decision to create an interface to acquire more knowledge, further authenticate and deepen the in-game experience was organic for the team. They did stress though that Voodoo is just a video game and that it’s not their intention to reproduce an accurate retelling of the dawn of civilization. “We’re just game developers,” says Roberto Digiglio, the studio’s Lead Artist. “We’re making art here, but we don’t want to paint the wrong picture.”

Being privy to a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff on Voodoo, and not to mention the huge announcement coming up at Milan Games Week 2016, we’re really psyched (really, really psyched!) about this call-for-submissions.


“Survival means accepting things that make you uncomfortable,” comments Riccardo Rosapepe, managing director at IndieGala. “Taking in external content is already uncomfortable for most creators. In Voodoo’s case it should make for a much more immersive experience.”

Visit Brain In The Box’s website to find out more information on submissions or alternatively contact Al Banda at who’s handling media relations.