PlayWay’s Just Released a Sexy, Dark New Steam Game


Lust for Darkness is definitely going down in our books as having one of the most provocative trailers. And we know a lot about provocative. Just check out our Anime Rhapsody Bundle! Genre: Indie, Psychological Horror, Lovecraftian, Sexual Content Price: €14.99  €13.49 +ADD TO LIBRARY What is Lust for Darkness about? Jonathan Moon receives a letter from his […]

The Hacker Evolution 100% Charity Bundle is LIVE!

IndieGala and exosyphen studios, the developer of the awesome Hacker Evolution series, join forces today hoping to bring a bit of joy this Christmas for 5 orphan children that recently lost their mother in the tragic‪#‎Colectiv‬ fire in Bucharest by launching a 100% Charity Bundle to help them out. All proceeds will be redirect to […]

Find the clue in the Hidden Mysteries Bundle!

Enjoy this bundle  including 12 awesome games, and train your brain!Face the Time Traveller to save the future!Save your missing friend!Learn Davy Jones’s secrets in order to defeat him in the final battle!Save the feuding kingdoms!You just need to pick this bundle with 12 amazing hidden objects games by Artifex, with very positive reviews on […]

Friday SPECIAL Bundle #17 is LIVE!

Friday Special Bundle: Friday is for fairytales & adventures!Fairytales, guns, cyberpunk and forgotten islands in this bundle! Step into the boots of a vengeful and axe-armed Red Riding Hood in Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries and defeat the fairytale bosses;  discover the secrets of the forgotten islands in Treeker: The Lost Glasses; steal the […]