Survival Is A Collaboration Game

“Africa is such a diverse continent in terms of culture and heritage,” says Brain In The Box CEO Paolo Chiaramello in a conversation with us this weekend. “Imagine how much we’ll miss or mess up if we don’t get as much input as possible.” This was basically a closing remark in a conversation we had […]

#WaitingForMGW16 “Voodoo” Magic

We are super-excited! We can barely contain our excitement! That I’m-staying-up-playing-all-night kind of excitement! Did we mention that we are excited? Ahem… OK… No need to get all giddy. And this has nothing to do with Voodoo winning the Modena Nerd Indie Award 2016. Well, actually it does a little bit. You may have noticed […]

Enter the jungles of primitive Africa in the most immersive multiplayer survival experience yet… Voodoo is coming to Steam with villages to develop, ancient gods to combat, and fierce battle cries! Learn the basics of founding a civilization at gamescom with a playable demo of Voodoo available at the Indie Gala booth! Sign up for the […]

Lords of The Fallen Bundle just $22.99 for the first 24hours!

“The sins I have committed have left their mark.”Pay just $22.99 or more, only first 24 hours, to get Lords of the Fallen bundle! Plunge into a fast paced action RPG using powerful magic alongside a complex and satisfying melee combat system.Don’t commit a sin, buy it now at Lords of The Fallen Bundle includes: […]