5 New Steam Games (& 2 Giveaways) not to miss this week

5 New Steam Games

The weekend is almost here and we know your fingers are getting tingly for some action. So are ours! We’ve just stumbled upon 5 new steam games that we think you should absolutely take for a spin. Impulsion Impulsion is one of the new Steam games that just came out this month. Make your way through […]

The Summer Scratchy Sale is LIVE!

The Summer Scratchy Sale's Monday Motivation Bundle

The Summer Scratchy Sale is officially live. Ready for perhaps the hottest season yet this year? Good, because we want to make sure that you don’t miss the very best of our offers. Jumpstart the Summer Scratchy Sale with a GIANT Bundle Even if you missed the early bird price on our Monday Motivation Bundle, […]

5 Hot Picks from Plug In Digital This Summer!

Plug In Digital Hot Picks

Plug In Digital brings a scorching lineup of indie games to the store this summer. As usual, knowing what to pick is always a conundrum. So, we’ve listed some indie gems that you shouldn’t overlook. They’re also the cheapest PC game deals out there so just bag them already! If you really want that bang for […]

Crypto Gala Sale: 200+ games you can use crypto to buy now

Best PC Gaming Deals

Perhaps you missed our watershed Crypto Weekend but make sure you don’t miss Crypto Gala! You’ve got about a week to use cryptocurrencies for an extra 20% off on all store deals and bundles. Discover what you can use crypto to buy now on IndieGala! What can I use crypto to buy now? Our Crypto Gala […]

Scratchy Spring Sale Day 1: BANDAI NAMCO Deals & Giveaways

The Scratchy Spring Sale is here!

What on earth is a Scratchy Spring Sale? It’s Day 1 of our annual Scratchy Spring Sale at IndieGala! Whoop, whoop! Newcomers to IndieGala often wonder what on earth could be “scratchy” about a spring sale. To break that down, this is the season where you win a bonus game with every store purchase. (Check […]

4 “Red” Steam Game Giveaways Not To Miss This Week!


We’ve done some foolishly crazy deals this April! First of all, our Razer zGold Anniversary Bazaar has been raging with an extra 10% off for Razer zGold purchases. We’ve also been giving away a copy of Downward. Furthermore we launched a Paradox Interactive Sale yesterday (with a Crackerjack!) and our 2K Easter Sale ends in a few hours! You […]

It’s time for the best DEALS on Indiegala Store!Fantastic Missing Link Games are here for you discounted UP TO 90%! Spec Ops: The Line – $5.99 | €3.99 | 80%Stronghold 3 Gold – $4.49 | €4.19 | 85%Insecticide Part 1 – $0.29 | €0.29 | 90%Velvet Assassin – $0.49 | €0.49 | 90%Legendary – $0.44 […]

Ziggurat, Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection&more!

All new deals: Ziggurat $7.49 €7.49 -50% Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection$2.49 €2.49 -75% Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition$4.99 €4.99 -75% Ancient Space $4.99 €4.99 -75% Air Conflicts: Vietnam $9.99 €6.99 -50% Air Conflicts: Secret Wars$2.49 €2.99 -75% Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers$3.74 €2.74 -75% And more!. Anyone spending over $20/€20 on the Store gets […]

Indie Gala “Every Monday” Bundle #57 Is Live

Indie Gala “Every Monday” Bundle #57 Is Live –https://www.indiegala.com/monday Pay $1.89 or more (ONLY FIRST 24h) and get the following 6 Steam Games! * Beyond Gravity (STEAM) + TRADING CARDS Beyond Gravity is procedurally generated “platformer” where you jump in-between planets and try to collect as many pickups as you can. This gets progressively harder […]