Stayin’ Alive’s Latest Update Allows You To Play Against Human & CPU Opponents!

Staying Alive - postcard

In case you didn’t get your greeting card from the Staying Well Retirement House, there’s a brand new update for Stayin’ Alive!

Stayin’ Alive Update 0.7

Update 0.7 lays down the base for several more macabre goodies that will be coming out in the following weeks. In the meantime, it includes some brand new features for more darkly hilarious, insanely fun game time:

  • Smoother game experience
  • Play against both Human and CPU opponents
  • Join any in-progress match
  • Additional sound effects for every action
  • New Hospital map (currently Floor 1 only)
  • Lots of bug fixes!

We think you will like this new version of the game, and especially this new map.

You can read much more about the juicy details of the update here, but what you should really do is head on over to our Steam page, download the demo, and get some feedback to us!

Happy Gaming!