Review: Selma and the Wisp

“Follow the Wisp. Collect the lights. Don’t look back.” That’s Toucan Studio’s simple invitation into the mesmerizing, eerie indie title, Selma and the Wisp.

If you haven’t come across this title yet, here’s the IndieGala review and we can already assure you it ends with two thumbs up. But you’ll have to play the game to find out if those thumbs are Selma’s. Here’s what you’re getting into…


The story behind Selma and the Wisp isn’t detailed. What’s obvious from the opening scenes is that a little girl by the name of Selma is being read a bedtime story. However, like all dreams – void of a beginning – you suddenly find yourself plunged into a dark, alternate reality. There’s the Wisp. And apparently the only way out of this nightmare is to follow it…



While this is a platform game all about guiding Selma out of a nightmare, the directly controllable character is the Wisp!

The Wisp’s energy bar is constantly on the decline so you will need to feed it with light orbs you find along the way. You also use energy to perform small explosions that help solve puzzles by knocking things over or quaking them into movement.

While the Wisp has no problem with gravity and can move in any direction, Selma’s in a nightmare and the most she can do is desperately follow. The Wisp can’t stray too far from Selma or the dark fear will kill her. This is the core of the gameplay: using the Wisp to light a safe passage for Selma. It’s more on the casual side as far as challenges go, but delightfully delicious.



The combination of Selma and the Wisp’s color palette with its low-poly style is a stroke of genius. The cuteness of it has nostalgic, storybook appeal. But the darkness and the fact that Selma is surrounded by horrific dangers is a beautiful juxtaposition. If you ever used to read short fairytales as a kid, then wandering through Selma and the Wisp will definitely be your cuppa hot cocoa and cookies!



Again, Selma and the Wisp’s soundscape is another area where Toucan Studio simply excelled. In fact, we’re willing to wager. If you look at the image above and imagine the music, play the game and it’ll feel familiar to you. It’s that spot on. Although different from the gameplay music, tease your ears (and your eyes) with the trailer below.

Replay Value

Now that all depends. If you’re the type who re-reads your favorite folktales, then you’ll likely be coming back to Selma and the Wisp once you’ve played through it. Otherwise, it’s exactly what you should be expecting. A thrilling escapade through a nightmarish adventure.


Frightfully engaging. If you’re looking to let your imagination wander a little and discover a spectral adventure as it unfolds in front of you, step into the world of Selma and the Wisp.