Militia | A Minimalist Turn-Based Strategy Game

If you’re an aficionado of turn-based strategy in all its forms, then Militia is a game for you! It’s one of those rare indie games that sometimes misses it’s spotlight moment because of its minimalistic design or its you-need-to-experience-it-to-understand properties.

But one thing remains certain, the Steam stats don’t lie. Militia’s 97% positive reviews are testament to a truly amazing experience for lovers of turn-based strategy. In fact, Game Jolt says, “It’s like chess. Except much better.”

25 Steam Keys Giveaway for Militia

Released on December 2015, Militia is one of those gems that a turn-based strategy lover is looking for but doesn’t know it. Because we strongly believe this, we’ve put together a little giveaway with our friends at BrainGoodGames to prove our point. Should you win a key, show some indie game love and pass on the message. Share and retweet our Twitter post for a chance to win!

Happy gaming!