May’s Dream Deal for Your Little Nightmares

We’ve always believed that the Steam stats don’t lie. And besides, despite the fact that Little Nightmares is approaching 1000 reviews with an overall Very Positive rating in its first few days, if you’re reading this, it’s because you’re curious about this new title anyways…

Little Nightmares has enchanted us for a while now, and no matter what anybody says, we all want to have our taste of that dream. That’s why we’ve packaged this terrifying storybook of an indie game into an exciting new bundle.

The Little Nightmares Bundle

The first tier of the Little Nightmares Bundle has 3 awesome BANDAI NAMCO games for ONLY $1.00! But if you decide to throw in the Steam price for Little Nightmares and an extra $4, you will get 5 more Steam games (including Little Nightmares, of course!) and a special -50% Coupon for DARK SOULS III!

Why Is This Worth It?

Well, besides from the fact that you get 7 extra Steam games for only $5 extra, you get a coupon to help you pick up DARK SOULS III at an insanely low price! Moreover, as delicious an experience as Little Nightmares is, it’s a short run and you’ll be glad to have some new playing options when it’s over!

Did we mention you’ll get another BONUS game when you pick up DARK SOULS III (currently Raiden IV: OverKill!)?