#GameDev Chat With The Creators of “Ian’s Eyes”


You know those movies that start off really peachy and then flip into a horror-fest? Ian’s Eyes (available for pre-order at IndieGala today!) kind of has that vibe to it.

It’s one of those titles that make you both shriek and laugh. The story, while not intended to be deep, is nevertheless an original take on a zombie thriller. The follow-the-leader gameplay mechanics introduce a new kind of stealth that’s reminiscent of blindfold games.

Even though it’s probably smarter to stay away from zombie-creators, we still couldn’t resist a chat with Sindie Games. And here’s how Ian’s first day at school all started…

IndieGala: Blind kid. Guide dog. First day of school. Zombies. How did all these ideas manage to find themselves together?

Sindie Games: We started the game as a final project of a Master [degree]. It started just with the idea of doing a zombie game with a kid and a dog as the main characters. When we were developing the idea of the game we wanted the dog as the main character because it would be something different. But we had to answer the question: If the dog was the main character, why would the kid follow him? So it became obvious that the kid had to be blind and North be his guide dog.


IndieGala: What was your breakthrough moment in developing the game concept?

Sindie Games: Our breakthrough moment was after we went to our first Madrid Games Week. We had great feedback even though the game was just a pre-alpha version. After that, we thought the game had potential and it gave us the energy to keep going and finish it the best way possible.


IndieGalaWhat kind of players do you think “Ian’s Eyes” will satisfy the most?

Sindie Games: Ian’s Eyes is not an easy game. Our beta testers defined it as a hardcore game that keeps you thoroughly challenged. Our main target is hardcore gamers who don’t get frustrated easily. People who like puzzle games mixed with a need for dexterity. It’s also a title for those players who were fans of the first Resident Evils or Silent Hill and their fixed cameras.


IndieGala: Are there any recent inspirations you’ve had for the future?

Sindie Games: First we want to rest, because developing a game in our free time and working at the same time has been quite hard. But we would like to keep doing games. We are big fans of Playdead Games, especially Limbo, and we would like to do some puzzle game at least half as good as Limbo. Puzzle games are the genre that we feel most comfortable with.


IndieGala: What was your biggest challenge in developing “Ian’s Eyes”?

Sindie Games: Our biggest challenge was doing the whole game. It is our first game and none of us have had any previous experience. We’ve always loved video games but we weren’t aware of how much work it takes to finish one. But it’s worth it when you see all the good feedback you get from something you have put so much effort into.

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