“Flat Kingdom” Grants Free Steam Keys To 2D Heroes

It wasn’t long ago that the royal family of the Flat Kingdom were in peril of becoming unwilling subjects to 3D reign. If you don’t know of this legend, then your adventure with Fat Panda Games’ enchanting platformer is yet to begin.


Keys To The Kingdom

The ominous possibility of 3D becoming a permanent way of life is a threat that the Flat Kingdom has come to fear. Therefore, the royal family has issued a decree promising Steam keys to those who prove their loyalty to 2D.

Champion The Flat Kingdom, Win A Free Steam Key

How to participate in Flat Kingdom’s call for 2D heroes?

  • Submit your experiences of 3D games that ruined the 2D version.
  • Include screenshots/videos to illustrate your point.
  • Send submissions to Keeper of the Keys, @TribeOfLions or al@indiegala.com.
  • Submissions deadline: October 7th, 2016

Hark, Defenders of the Flat Kingdom

We’re looking forward to your submissions! And just for laughs and insight, check out WatchMojo.com’s video on 2D vs. 3D.