Check Out 5 Gameplay Videos For Die Young So Far!

Just in case you missed it, Die Young entered Steam Early Access yesterday! We thought it would be cool to share some gameplay videos with you that span the period from the Open Alpha right up until our Steam release. Enjoy, and remember that you can SAVE 10% NOW as part of our launch promo!


– by TheSparrowsJourney

This is TheSparrowsJourney’s first play of Die Young with a lot of commentary and an introduction to the story. It mainly introduces the movement module and the game’s environment.

First Look – by GameEdged

This is GameEdged’s first look at Die Young! It’s also an introductory video (captured on our alpha build) but it’s a lot more in-depth as it’s a very entertaining, almost 2-hour let’s play! It highlights the game’s focus on exploration and parkour.

Dog Poisoner – by The Hidden Object Guru

This Hidden Object Guru documents his 50-minute campaign to try and take out a bothersome dog that’s guarding something on the island…

Groundhog Slay – by Many A True Nerd

Many A True Nerd’s gameplay video shows the many rewards for exploring the game’s island as well as the many perils (and ways to die)! Check it out for a little look into crafting and combat.

Early Access Review – by Azralynn

Azralynn has published a bite-sized (5 minutes) Early Access Review of Die Young where she basically breaks down some of the things you can expect in terms of gameplay, content, and performance. If you’re still deciding whether you want to pick up the game in Early Access, this is a video to help you make that decision (thanks, Azralynn!).

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