OutDrive – Cheering On Updates With Giveaway


There’s one thing you can’t deny about OutDrive. It’s beautiful. Although it has been criticized for lack of diverse gameplay, what it set out to do was original in a neon/retro sort of way.

In any case, OutDrive has always said that it’s a “gaming experiment in genre of music runner – not a game, aesthetic concept.”

Recently, OutDrive was updated with gamepad support (which was part of the reason for initial criticism) and even groovier music.

We know all too well that creating an indie game is no easy task and it’s important to cheer on those hardcore game devs who try! We’re celebrating OutDrive’s updates with a giveaway of 25 Steam keys. Share this article and retweet our post on Twitter for a chance to win.

Check out OutDrive’s trailer below! And by the way, it’s a game about love. Perhaps something to chill with on Valentine’s Day 🙂